XL JETS JET SKI / WAVERUNNER & PONTOON BOAT RENTALS, Destin Parasailing, Parasailing Destin Florida is found at the north side of the East Pass Bridge (Destin Bridge). Our next door neighbor is Dewey Destin's Seafood Restaurant.


     Our renound dolphin viewing tours ensure to have you up close and personal with a dolphin in minutes! XL Jets waverunner, jetski and pontoon boat rentals as well as dolphin tours' team is well educated and always keeping an eye on the dolphin's behavior to make sure they are comfortable at all times! Also our Dolphin Tours provide a smaller more intimate encounter without too many people around, more intimate Dolphin Tours that offer a less strssful experience for both our clients and the dolphins. We do not intimidate, scare, or harass the beautiful dolphins that grace us with there presence. Our areas dolphins have become part of the xtreme h2o family and love to swim up to your waverunner and show off playing and surfing on your wake!XTREME H2O offers the best dolphin tours in destin and we assure you it will be an experience you will never forget!

 Each of the team members of the XL Jets waverunner, jet ski, pontoon boat rentals & DOLPHIN TOURS team is a true local of the area and all share a wealth of knowledge of our home. Here at XL Jets waverunner, jetski, pontoon boat rentals & DOLPHIN TOURS, we are extremely concious and protective our wildlife and take all necessary precautions to make sure no animals are harmed during our trips out...especially the beautiful bottle nosed dolphins that we share the water with!


    XL Jets JETSKI / WAVERUNNER / PONTOON BOAT RENTALS & DOLPHIN TOURS in Destin, FL are small and intimate visits to the Dolphins of our waters.


     We can get you to the amazing dolphin's of destin Florida in moments from the start of your tour to interact and let them show off for you, you may even get to see mother swimming with her calf. These wonderful creatures won't hesitate to swim right to you; they are extremely curious, very intelligent, intuitive creatures and truley enjoy interacting with humans. It isn't suprising to have them smile directly at you, they are natural charmers, just make sure you smile back!


     The Bottlenose Dolphin Tours at XL Jets waverunner, jet ski, pontoonn boats & DOLPHIN TOURS usually run intyo some of our other amazing animals in Destin waters like: black manta rays that have wing spans of over SIX FEET, Canadian Geese,black manta rays that have wing spans of over SIX FEET, Great Blue Herons, the Monarch Migration, Great Blue Herons, and many other amazing creatures you will remember forever.


    Our brand new Yamaha VX1100 4-stroke Jet Skis are all 3-seaters (not to exceed 450 pounds). XL Jets waverunner, pontoon boats, jet skis & DOLPHIN TOURS take amazing care and pride in our amazingly maintained jetskis. Our expert mechanic makes sure all of our vehicles are in ideal condition and always ready to ride in Destin Florida.


     Your experience with the Dolphins of Destin will be unforgettable with XL Jets waverunner, dolphin tours, jet skis, pontoon boat rentals!


     We have no doubt next year you will be coming back & that is how amazing and uforgettable the Dolphin Tours are with XL Jets in Destin Florida will be.


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